Intervention means “to change the course”. My goal as an interventionist is to help families interrupt the course of addiction and move towards a solution.


intervention services

Interventions are designed to help an individual realize they have a problem, that they need help, and that they have the support to make a change.  An intervention is a well thought out event that involves careful planning and should not be done without the help of a specialist. Offering help to a loved one struggling with addiction can be a highly emotional event - clear guidance through coaching is key to a successful intervention.

An intervention is comprised of a 10 step process that begins with you, the loved ones, meeting with me to develop a plan and taking the necessary steps to carry it out. This process may begin one week or one month before the intervention itself - each case is unique. Your first step is to call me for a 20 minute interview free of charge. Next we will schedule our first in-person meeting, with the other members you would like to invite to the intervention, and prepare to move forward.


For the families

more support

Taking care of yourself is pivotal for the recovery of your family as a whole. Addiction is a family disease; meaning that the addict effects each member of the family and the balance of the family system is thrown off. I offer one-on-one and group sessions for family members who need additional support around the pain caused by a loved one struggling with addiction. If you are interested in adding additional visits to your intervention plan please let me know and I will incorporate it into your rate.

I also have a wide network of resources in our community that I am happy to refer you to for additional support. You deserve help too and you are not alone!  


Al-Anon Meeting Schedule (SLO County)