Sober Coaching is a two-part process involving both a goal mapping plan and a relapse prevention plan. I am here to support you and hold you accountable to the goals you set for yourself.


SOber coaching

Continued support after treatment is pivotal to your success in sobriety. You don’t have to manage life’s realities alone.

Sober coaching

After leaving treatment, most newly sober individuals are faced with life’s realities. These realities may seem insurmountable in new sobriety and are a leading cause of relapse. Addiction often results in the need to repair relationships, face legal consequences and regain financial losses. Some addicts may be working to get their children back, to restart their careers, or to finish a degree. Some may have unrealized dreams they thought were out of reach …

My work with clients begins by identifying your goals and establishing positive, forward movement. We will start by realizing and developing your core values and implementing them as your life’s compass. We will break what feel like big hurdles into smaller, manageable tasks and take action. You will begin to develop a more positive outlook on life and build a new confidence as you face fears that have been weighing you down.

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What is relapse prevention?

A relapse prevention plan will help you recognize triggers and implement new strategies to avoid picking up.

relapse prevention

Addiction is a chronic disease and relapse can be caused by a number of factors in one’s life. Factors include stress, money and relationship problems, and certain sights and smells. Part of our work together will be to develop a sobriety plan by recognizing these triggers and making a proactive plan to address them as they arise to avoid relapse. It is important to recognize the reality of relapse and create a safety plan for yourself.

Relapse prevention plans include taking the time to reflect on and assess what your drinking or using behaviors were like. Recognizing the warning signs, planning for the worst, involving others and setting goals for a healthy lifestyle are all part of the plan. As your coach it is important that I also provide referrals and resources to you for your success if needed. I have a wide network of resources in our community including psychologists and medical practitioners, inpatient and outpatient services, groups and sober individuals ready to provide additional support. You are not alone!